Please Don't Eat the Soap!

We are changing and creating the way you look at your common routine by caring for your skin and turning each shower into a nourishing and enriching experience. Each small batch of our Artisan Soap is handmade with a cold process that retains valuable benefits of the pure essential oils and raw ingredients and the naturally occurring high glycerin content. Every shower results in an aromatherapy, moisture rich experience. Each chunky bar is hand cut and cured for at least 4 weeks making a very gentle, solid, long lasting bar. Our raw ingredients include but are not limited to: fine oils and butters, Aloe Vera, herbs, teas, clays, muds, salts, silk, honey, yogurt, goat milk, coconut milk, agave, activated charcoal, botanicals, fruit and vegetable purees and extracts. We are confident you will love our products as much as we here at SoapCreek and thousands of others who enjoy them every day.